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Neil Mitchell speaks with Tony McLuckie after his final shift at Hazelwood


A former Hazelwood worker admits he’ll probably have to move his family due to employment uncertainty in the Latrobe Valley.

Neil Mitchell received a call earlier in the week from 13-year-old Flynn, who said his father was going to be left without a job when the plant shut this week.

He was concerned he’d have to move schools and lose friends.

3AW Mornings spoke with Tony McLuckie just minutes after his final shift on Thursday.

‘I’m OK, I guess,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘I’m not angry about it shutting, it’s probably the way they went about it.’

Mr McLuckie said he had no doubt the plant’s closure was a political move.

‘There’s no doubt about that,’ he said.

‘They don’t need the vote down here.

‘I guess it’s an easy target because it doesn’t look good when you drive past on the highway and it’s had its issues.

‘But at the same time, we believe it’s been a very cost effective plant to run.’

Mr McLuckie said he’d like to keep living in the Latrobe Valley, but told Neil Mitchell he wasn’t sure it’d be a good decision.

‘If we could stay here, we would, but I really have grave fears for the future around here in relation to employment and things like that,’ he said.

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