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Neil Mitchell speaks with victim of appalling treatment by America border protection

Neil Mitchell has been given a first-hand account of a 17-hour airport ordeal an Australian businessman had with customs in Los Angeles.

And it’s just one of several cases of appalling behaviour reported to 3AW Mornings since the election of Donald Trump as president.

Brian (not his real name) was flying to another country via America when he was pulled aside by officials.

He was led into another room, where he was forced to strip naked and paraded in front of six or seven officials for 45 minutes.

He was asked several loaded questions and missed his connecting flight in the process.

In total, he was detained for 17 hours before he was deported.

‘They were just looking for anything they could pin you on,’ Brian explained on 3AW Mornings.

‘They were angry and nasty.

‘I can understand they’ve got to be hard, but we’re their friends and ally for goodness sake.

‘They’re losing friends very quickly.’

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