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Neil Mitchell speaks with victims of gangs on the Surf Coast

Surf Coast residents have told Neil Mitchell there’s a growing issue with gangs in the area.

But police say it’s been a problem for a long time and a police shortage means there’s little they can do about it.

3AW Mornings spoke with several victims on Wednesday, with one of them who had his ute burned and tools stolen offering a $1000 reward in the hope of finding those responsible.

‘The reason I think they keep doing it is because they get away with it,’ Zac Herman told Neil Mitchell.

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Ron Iddles, head of the police association, said one group of officers were forced to cover everywhere from Torquay, to Anglesea and Winchelsea.

‘We’ve always had a problem down there,’ Mr Iddles said.

‘We need more police down there, which is something I constantly say.

‘I don’t want to sound like a broken record.’

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