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Neil Mitchell tackles combative Albury councillor over Melbourne Storm controversy

An Albury councillor who blocked Melbourne Storm from using council grounds to train says his vote wasn’t based on the NRL club being a possible health risk to the Border community.

He said he blocked it because it was “unfair”.

Albury City Council controversially voted 5-4 to block the Storm from training at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The Storm had been given government permission to train there.

In an added twist, the Albury Sportsground, where local footy powerhouse Albury Tigers plays Aussie Rules, is now hosting the Storm at their privately-run facility.

So the Storm are still in town.

Councillor Darren Cameron told Neil Mitchell he did not want to make an exception for the Storm when local sporting clubs weren’t allowed to use the facilities.

“I think there’s got to be one set of rules for everybody,” he said.

Neil Mitchell pointed out the government had already decided there wouldn’t be one set of rules for everybody.

That comment didn’t appear to go down well with Cr Cameron.

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