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Neil Mitchell takes aim at Andrews government’s ‘sneaky’ tax extension

FIRST ON 3AW: Daniel Andrews has broken an election promise by slipping in a ‘sneaky’ new tax, Neil Mitchell says.

3AW Mornings highlighted the Environmental Contributions Levy this morning after its renewal was buried in a long press release on Monday.


The levy was first introduced in 2004 ‘and governments keep renewing it – very quietly,’ Neil said.

‘This is grubby. The size of the levy is not huge, but it’s a broken promise.

‘It’s effectively a new tax because the old one was due to expire.’

The levy costs $100 million per year.

In response, Environment Minister Lisa Neville said the government has no choice about renewing it.

‘It’s not a new tax at all, Neil,’ Ms Neville said.

‘It is a levy provided for in legislation.’

Neil wasn’t convinced.

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