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Neil Mitchell takes aim at Australian of the Year David Morrison over speech fee

Neil Mitchell has taken aim at Australian of the Year David Morrison over what appears to be exorbitant appearance fees for speeches.

‘If it’s true David Morrison – as Australian of the Year – is charging $15,000 to give a speech, it’s wrong. It’s not on,’ he said.

‘I believe the Australian of the Year should speak to as many people as possible – for free.’

Speaker websites claim Mr Morrison is available for $15,000, and his management has done nothing to quash that suggestion.

‘His management effectively hung up on us,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘I do not charge for speeches.

‘I was paid for one about 30 years ago, and I felt so uncomfortable about it that I haven’t charged for once since.’

Not everyone is critical of Mr Morrison.

Caller Margaret launched a stinging defence before hanging up on Neil.

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