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Neil Mitchell takes aim at Pauline Hanson over ’round them up’ comment

Neil Mitchell has called out Pauline Hanson after she said those involved in Saturday night’s stampede at Caroline Springs should be ’rounded up’ and deported.

He said it was ‘simplistic, unworkable nonsense’ from the controversial One Nation leader.

‘It’s just political point-scoring,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘She knows it can’t happen.

‘She’s just pushing that racist button.

‘There’s a sour mood in the country at the moment and she’s trying to exploit that.’

Neil Mitchell said the major parties were a ‘bit scared’ of calling Ms Hanson out, given her growing political power.

He said Australia was better than that.

‘Most of those involved are probably Australian born,’ Neil Mitchell pointed out.

‘You can’t deport them because they happen to be black from refugee parents.’

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