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Neil Mitchell takes aim at protester evicted by police while breastfeeding child

Neil Mitchell has taken aim at a protester who was evicted from a building while breastfeeding her young child.

Footage has emerged of the mother being escorted out by police while protesting for the Friends, Families and Feminists Against Detention group.

Neil Mitchell said it wasn’t acceptable.

‘This would have been terrifying for the child,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘She should be ashamed of herself.

‘You don’t take a kid to a protest.’

WATCH the footage below.

But Jill, who is the woman in question, defended her actions when contacted by 3AW.

‘As a mum, I think it’s really important to teach my child to stand up for the rights of others,’ she told 3AW Mornings in a statement.

‘At no time yesterday was my child in danger.

‘The children who are in danger are those in detention on Nauru.

‘Australian and international health professionals agree that they are suffering from irreversible physical, intellectual and emotional damage.

‘When a government starts overseeing human rights abuses and ignoring international law, it’s time for citizens – including mums and bubs – to undertake civil disobedience.

‘If that means breastfeeding at a public service building, so be it! There are far worse things going on in detention camps, let’s talk about that!’