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Neil Mitchell takes Kevin Rudd to task over Adam Goodes comments

3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell has lashed former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for reigniting the Adam Goodes booing debate.

Speaking at an event to mark the eight-year anniversary of The Apology, Mr Rudd said it was ‘100 per cent bulls?t’ to suggest the booing of Goodes was about his football and not his aboriginality.

Neil Mitchell said there was no need for Mr Rudd to raise the issue and more importantly, he was wrong.

‘Kevin Rudd doesn’t know,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘You can’t know. I can’t know.

‘Nobody can know, because you can’t get inside the heads of the crowd.

‘As I said all along ? Of course some were racially motivated.

‘But some people were just angry about being lectured and some saw him (Goodes) as a prat because of the way he played the game and the way he behaved.

‘But why does he revive it, seriously?

‘This is just living proof as to why he shouldn’t be secretary general of the United Nations.’

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