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NEIL MITCHELL: The message to politicians of the world as Trump is elected US President

Neil Mitchell says the election of Donald Trump to the White House should serve as a warning to the political leaders of the world. 

He says the ‘silent masses have spoken’ and there’s a message for Australia’s politicians.

‘We don’t know what the real Donald Trump is. We don’t know whether the predictions are true and Australia will become a nuclear target,’ he said.

‘Underneath it all, the silent masses have spoken, this is the loudest shout yet. It’s been described as a primal scream.

‘A scream from a mass of people who feel cut off from control of their own country, because they feel cut off from the political process, in a sense it is Hanson-ism on a huge scale. 

‘This is the message to the politicians of the world that comes out of the United States. Don’t ignore us, do not ignore the real people of the world.

‘How many political leaders all around the world will embrace the approach that worked for Donald Trump?

‘But I guarantee it will happen here, and I guarantee it will change the world.’

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