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Neil Mitchell: The ‘only way’ Victoria can avoid a third wave of COVID-19 as rules ease

Neil Mitchell says Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions desperately need to be lifted, but we all need to work together when that happens, or there will be a third wave.

“We can’t live like this,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The cure is doing so much harm it’s becoming intolerable.

“The state is shrivelling.”

But, as restrictions ease, Neil Mitchell stressed it will be critical for every Victorian to do their part.

“There must be some easing of restrictions and it’s up to all of us, when that happens, to make sure it works,” he said.

“Don’t look for loopholes, don’t bend the rules.”

But the 3AW Mornings host said the state government must also step up.

“It’s up to us to help cut the spread but it’s up to the government to be straight with us … and there’s evidence they’re failing,” he said.

“Reopening will not be the end of this awful time. In some ways it will be the beginning.

“We’ve all got to take responsibility here as we reopen, as we learn to live with it, it’s the only way it’s going to work.”

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