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Neil Mitchell: The problem with Victoria’s coronavirus testing regime

The state government has ramped up coronavirus testing, with the aim of testing 100,000 Victorians by May 11, but 3AW’s Neil Mitchell says there is a “worrying” problem with current testing protocols.

“Under the guidelines, the protocols, once you’re tested you’re supposed to self-isolate until you get a result,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The government is sending testing vans to workplaces. If they turn up at a workplace and everyone with a sniffle is tested, does that mean they’re all sent home because they’ve got to self-isolate until the test comes back?

“Construction will damn near stop.

“And the health workers, they want them tested, healthy or not. But do they get sent home? I hope not.

“If everybody who is tested has to self-isolate, there’s going to be a problem.”

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Dr Mukesh Haikerwell, the first Melbourne GP to set up a testing clinic for coronavirus, said his understanding of current protocols is that anyone who is tested must self-isolate until they receive their results.

“Everyone coming to the clinic is deemed to have COVID-19 until proven otherwise, and they’re asked to self isolate until after the test is done,” he told Neil Mitchell.

3AW Mornings has asked the Premier’s office for clarification on testing protocols.

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