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Neil Mitchell: This new Labor ad campaign will do more harm than good

Neil Mitchell says Labor’s new ad campaign targeting Malcolm Turnbull will hurt the ALP.

Or he hopes so, anyway.

In the TV advertisement being played during the Queensland by-election, Labor asserts Mr Turnbull will be among the biggest beneficiaries under the Government’s proposed corporate tax package.

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“I think this campaign will hurt Labor more than help them,” Neil said.

“I think it is divisive, mean-spirited and wrong”

“One: Does anyone really believe Malcolm Turnbull is structuring police to get more money in his pocket in a few years?

“Two: If it does benefit Turnbull as they say, it also benefits every person in a superannuation fund.

“Three: What is wrong with success? If this campaign works, it means Australians do not respect success.

“It will be a win for the politics of envy.”

Neil Mitchell also pointed out the Prime Minsiter donates about $550,000 to charity through his foundation, slightly more than his $528,000 prime ministerial salary.

And he identified the high-profile Labor MPs who own as many as six properties.

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“I normally vote Labor, and because of this I’ll be voting for Malcolm Turnbull.”
-Caller Trent

“I’ll start by saying I also normally vote ALP but I’m gonna change this time around. But, on the donations, don’t most rich people do that anyway, because it’s tax deductible?”
-Caller Shaun