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Neil Mitchell: Three things that must come from Robert Doyle’s downfall

“Robert Doyle is finished in public life, and rightly so.”

But the former Lord Mayor’s dramatic downfall over finding of sexually inappropriate behaviour is a chance for change, Neil Mitchell said.

This is a snapshot of lessons learn he said we can learn ā€” Click PLAY below for full comments

1. Put an end to Boozy Tuesdays

Councillors have been filling themselves up with food and grog. Fair enough, they’re working late ā€” give them some sandwiches and a bottle of water. We shouldn’t be paying for it.

2. We need to get the message through to men

Men need to know this behaviour is unacceptable, and that even if they don’t intend offence, they have a responsibility to see that they could hurt and offend.

3. Help women talk

We need some system or body where women who are harassed and have legitimate claims can take them to an independent body, which can then investigate.