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Neil Mitchell: We shouldn’t judge SAS members on the basis of a leaked report

Neil Mitchell says Australians must demand answers after a leaked reported accused some members of the SAS of alleged war crimes.

The report in today’s Age states that a number of Defence personnel in Afghanistan committed unlawful acts of violence.

“We need to demand answers and perhaps stand up for them,” Neil said.

“Now if some of this is true the people who are guilty of war crimes should be dealt with, of course!”

“Personally I am not willing to pre-judge these men on the basis of a leaked report.

“Let’s not judge them all on the basis of it.

“We’ve said these SAS people are our heroes, of course if some of them have done the wrong thing, deal with it.

“But for the rest of them, it is time to stand up for their decency.”

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Kevin Bailey, former member of the SAS, told Neil the article was “sensationalist”.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s all allegations,” he said.

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Photo: AAP (Australian Special Operations Task Group Soldiers in Afghanistan in 2013)