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Neil Mitchell’s budget analysis: The Treasurer, the Shadow, and Neil’s top four takes

“Trees have died to produce newspapers for no reason today.”

“No one will read them and this budget is unlikely to even eventuate if, as expected, Labor wins.”

With those comments, you won’t be surprised to learn Neil Mitchell took a stripped back approach

  • Scroll down for Neil Mitchell’s interview with the two key men: Josh Frydenberg and Chris Bowen.

Neil Mitchell’s topline takes from the budget:

  1. This will be an election of tax wars
  2. Both parties are going after big end of town
  3. Both parties are promising a surplus, but that’s more about impressing the market than the real world
  4. The government’s doing nothing significant for self-funded retirees, and they don’t have to because Labor is screwing them, too

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell’s full interview with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell’s full interview with Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen