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Neil Mitchell’s heated exchange with anti-Channel 7 protester

Neil Mitchell has clashed with one of the organisers of a protest planned for outside the Channel 7 offices in Docklands tomorrow.

The event, called ‘Channel 7: Enough is enough’ has been organised by four young people of African background, in response to Seven’s coverage of African gang crime.

The Facebook page reads: “The truth is simple: the media has created a moral panic and the actions of the few should not be a representation of our community as a whole.”

Sebit told Neil Mitchell he wants to “hold the media accountable and make them understand the repercussions of what they say”.

What followed was a heated exchange about why the Prime Minister made the comments he did on 3AW last Monday and Sebit’s claims the media is demonizing an entire community.

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NEIL: Who is demonizing the entire community?

SEBIT: The Prime Minister, when he comes out and speaks about things he doesn’t understand.

NEIL: The media regularly talks about it being a minority of the Sudanese community. Be fair, people are frightened, we have a problem and we’re trying to fix it.

SEBIT: Do you accept that its affecting our community in a negative way?

NEIL: Of course I do!

SEBIT: Race-baiting, which is what Channel 7 is doing, fear-mongering, every time you talk about the issue and you talk about where someone is from and their background it’s race-baiting.

NEIL: If we want to catch crooks, and we all want to catch crooks, we have to describe who we’re looking for. That in many cases we’re talking about people being of African descent.

SEBIT: But the way they’re doing it, it’s having a negative effect on the people doing the right thing.

“We’re actually trying to head in the same direction, we’re just disagreeing about the path that we’re going to take,” Neil said.

Photo: Seven/Sunday Night