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Neil Mitchell’s insight into the allegations against Robert Doyle

Neil Mitchell has expressed concern at how the investigation into Robert Doyle is being played out, revealing he was present on one of the occasions the Lord Mayor is accused of acting inappropriately.

The 3AW Mornings host has spoken with people close to the Lord Mayor since the allegations of sexual misconduct were made.

“I’m told he is violently ill most days, that he’s crying at times and is anxious and paranoid,” Neil Mitchell said.

“He also believes that he’s refuted the most serious claims – he believes the worst he has done has been a tactile person and perhaps too relaxed in his conversations.

“I’m told he strongly denies anything sexual or with any sexual intent.”

Neil Mitchell stressed on several occasions he was not presenting a defence for Mr Doyle.

“That’s up to him and if he has done the wrong thing then it is goodbye Robert,” he said.

“This is an attack on the process.

“He’s been hung, drawn and quartered in the media and I believe he still hasn’t seen all the allegations against him.”

Neil Mitchell said he was present on the night one of the allegations was made.

Mr Doyle is accused of grabbing the partner of a hospital specialist by the leg and making inappropriate comments at a Royal Melbourne hospital black-tie dinner.

“I was there,” Neil Mitchell said.

“He’s also accused of being drunk that night.

“I can tell you he wasn’t drunk when I saw him.”

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