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Neil Mitchell’s message to protesters, average Victorians and the Premier

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Neil Mitchell has shared a message, which he says applies to “idiotic” protesters, average Victorians and Premier Daniel Andrews alike.

The message?

“Don’t stuff it up.”

To protesters:

“It’s a message to those idiots storming around the streets like yobbos, claiming they’re morally empowered, fighting police, throwing flares, threatening our return to normal,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I doubt anything could reach them, if you have a listen to them they’re a mad mob … but they could stuff it up.”

To the average Victorian:

“It’s also a message to the average decent people who went out and about on Saturday because the weather was good,” Neil Mitchell said.

“You pushed the boundaries and you know it.

“If you pushed the boundaries because the COVID-19 figures are improving and the weather was good, well it’s even more dangerous, in fact, than the yobbos, because there’s more of you.”

To the Premier:

“When we do reopen anything the contact tracing system has to be spot on. That will be our key,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Fix that or our opening will just mean more problems.

“Consult. Talk to business about what needs to be done about reopening. Talk to your backbenchers, they know the public mood.

“I think there is a mood of civil disobedience growing. I think that’s dangerous.

“People are not just frustrated by the lockdown, they are frustrated, I think, because nobody is listening.

“My message is simple: Premier, don’t stuff it up.”

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