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Neil Mitchell’s take on fake, viral Stage 4 restrictions rumour

The baseless rumour that went viral around Melbourne yesterday is an indication of the mood of the city, Neil Mitchell said.

He also clipped the Liberal MPs who tried to use the rumour as a political weapon.

The rumour, often attached with a screenshot, suggested Stage 4 restrictions would be enforced from midnight tonight.

It started to spread late yesterday morning, prompting Neil Mitchell to close his Tuesday program by saying he doesn’t think the rumour has any credibility.

But still the rumour spread.

“As we suggested yesterday, the hot rumour going around town yesterday about Stage 4 restrictions starting tonight was wrong,” Neil said this morning, reading a government response to confirm.

“I’ve never seen a rumour spread like it, and it’s a sign of how nervous Victoria has become.”

The Opposition, including Shadow Health Minister Georgie Crozier, tweeted up a storm about the rumour, demanding that the government should respond to it. In doing so, the Liberal MPs gave the rumour undue credence.

“I think the Opposition was wrong to make political ground on that issue.”

He pointed out that it didn’t mean we would never enter Stage 4 restrictons.

“We’ve got to wait for the daily announcements and accept that this is such an unpredictable crisis and developing that, really, no one knows what’s going to happen and we just have to cope with it.”

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Editor’s note: yesterday published a story headlined Victoria’s health chief says Stage 4 restrictions are ‘on the table’, which remains published because it accurately reflects the Professor’s comments, but also included a bolded editor’s note highlighting that the viral rumour was believed to be false.