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Neil slams $150 million ‘atrocity’ deal as a sell out to the people of Victoria

It’s been revealed the controversial deal with firefighters will cost Victorians $150 million and see control handed to the United Firefighters Union.

A fired up Neil Mitchell slammed the deal as an ‘atrocity’ and questioned why Daniel Andrews signed off on such an agreement.

“At least today we know why all those people at the top of the Fire Services have been quitting,” Neil said.

“Because Daniel Andrews has agreed to a deal which hands control to the United Firefighters Union.

“Why has he gone to war with his own party, his own cabinet, why has he pushed this through and chopped and changed to make it happen?

“This is a sell out of the people of Victoria.”

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Some of the perks of the deal include:

  • Up to 196 days fully paid leave per year
  • Pay rise of 19 per cent
  • Allowances up 19 cent as well
  • $3000 sign on bonus
  • Paid for an hour’s exercise each day
  • Extra allowances to drive a drone, speak a second language, to know CPR
  • Injury insurance if they get hurt to or from work, up to one year’s salary

Emergency Services Minister James Merlino says the deal is fair one for people who put their lives on the line everyday.

“I tell you what if you’ve got a burning home and you’ve got a firefighter bashing at your door to save you and your children, do you think you’d really care what they’re paid, or what allowances they receive?” He said.

Neil questioned this response.

“What about the ambos? What about the police? And emergency department nurses?” Neil said.

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