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Neil tries a cricket protein bar


Neil Mitchell and 3AW Mornings producer Michael Hilder have tried a protein bar made out of crickets, and PETA aren’t happy about it.

The protein bars, made by a Byron Bay company, include cricket powder as an alternative source of protein to meat.

Vegan activist Joanne Lee questioned why anyone would bother with crickets when the supposed nutritional values can be found in plant products.

“As a vegan I wouldn’t be consuming crickets that’s for sure,” Joanne said.

“You could eat plant-based sources of all those things and not have to kill anyone so why would you eat crickets?”

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The crickets don’t come cheap, retailing at $49 for 12 bars.

PETA, the group for the ethical treatment of animals, sent the below statement in response to Neil consuming the bar.

Crickets like other animals used for food do nothing to harm us.

They perform songs to accompany summer nights, inspire adorable movie characters and are altruistic.

Male crickets will even risk their lives to save female crickets.

You might be able to guess how Neil reacted to that.