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Nene King opens up to Neil Mitchell about her struggles

A defiant Nene King says she is fine.

The former magazine queen has told Neil Mitchell those who are worried about her shouldn’t be. 

Allegations of drug and alcohol abuse surfaced during a failed court case against her former housemate, who was accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her while she was mourning the death of her father and husband.

Ms King said on 3AW Mornings a lot of lies had been written about her since.

‘I’ve got news for you ? I’m fine,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

‘I don’t mean to be rude, (but) all the garbage that went in the papers isn’t true.

‘I went through a bad stage, yes, (but) marijuana only.

‘But I read that I’m an alcoholic, that I’ve taken ice, that I’ve done cocaine – it’s just not true.

‘People must think I’m off my tree.

‘I’m fine.’

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