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Neroli Meadows has spoken out about treatment of female journalists

Fox Sports journalist Neroli Meadows has launched a scathing attack on attitudes toward female journalists in the male-dominated sports industry.

In the wake of Chris Gayle’s comments toward sports journalist Mel McLaughlin, Meadows told the Macquarie Radio cricket team she is regularly exposed to unsavoury incidents but little is done to combat it. 

‘I know people will hear me and think I’m just being a whinging female,’ she said. ‘I’m not exaggerating when I say 10 times a day something will happen and you get so damn used to it that you just brush it off. People need to just trust us that it’s not ok when we say something like this is offensive. Just hear it.’

Meadows said she knew as soon as Gayle came off the field that an incident was going to happen. 

‘Knowing that Mel was doing that particular game, I knew he was going to do that. He does it purely to humiliate that person in that public arena. He’s done it constantly and he’s done it over several years. What should change is the reaction to what Chris Gayle does. It’s not funny. It’s just not.’

Meadows also told the panel that female journos needed to be better supported if they do choose to speak out: ‘I don’t usually say these things because I don’t want to be known as that – I want to be known as a damn good sports reporter.’ 

Inciting examples, Meadows referenced an incident in which she claims West Indian cricketers Marlon Samuels was ‘staring’ at her from the cricket nets.

She also expressed disgust at the fact photos of her walking with Shane Warne gained such widespread attention, and articles about it are still the no.1 search result when you Google her name.

‘I’m a female reporter on my own on tour…what do you want me to do, sit in a room by myself like a good little girl whilst everyone else goes out? No!’

‘You’re gonna make friends, you’re gonna make friends with blokes…a year on the first thing when you google my name comes up is me walking out of a nightclub with Shane Warne, shame on society! Come on now, ridiculous.’

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