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Nevo Zisin tells Denis Walter about coming to terms with being transgender

Denis Walter

Nevo Zisin’s story is one of courage and self-awareness.

Nevo was born a girl, but knew from a very early age that something didn’t fit.

He made the decision to transition from female to male in 2013 and has released his own memoir titled ‘Finding Nevo – Traversing the transgender journey with their child’. 

In it, Nevo recounts his background and tough moments during his journey and he told 3AW Afternoons of the struggle to find the support to come out. 

‘It was really hard, we’re sitting on the cusp of a queer and transgender revolution right now in 2017 in the media, but it was so very different when I came out in 2013 even though it was a mere four years ago,’ he said.

‘I had no role models or real example of what my future could look like, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and spiralled into a pit of dispair.’

Click play to see Zevo explain more to Denis Walter

The 21-year-old knew he wanted to be male from the age of four, but was made to feel different by others, making him terrified to ever think about telling people.

‘I moved between primary schools a lot so I repressed a lot of my masculinity and desperately tried to conform but it never worked.’

His mother Sharon found her own struggles, agreeing that she didn’t deal with it well and had hoped it would pass.

‘My reaction wasn’t great, he hinted at it originally but I was in denial and it took a long time for me to come around and educate myself,’ she said.

But she says couldn’t have been more amazed at his strength in the entire process.

‘I’m very proud of him and it’s so fabulous that Nevo has written this book now so people can understand more, I wish I had that resource.’

He still encounters areas that are complicated in his transition but believes there are good moves being made to make everyone feel safe.

His book is out now for $18.99.

Click play to hear the full interview with Nevo and his mum Sharon

Denis Walter