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RBA unveils new Australian $20 note with special features to help the blind

A new Australian $20 banknote will go into circulation next week.

The note features Mary Reiby, a convict who became a successful businesswoman, on one side, and Reverend John Flynn, the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, on the other.

The new note, which will be released into circulation on October 9, has a tactile braille feature to help the vision-impaired identify different denominations.

The note also features several innovative security features, similar to those included on $5, $10 and $50 notes issued since 2016, including a clear hologram window which runs from the top to bottom of the note.

Lindsay Boulton, Assistant Governor for Business Services at the Royal Bank of Australia, said although cash is declining in popularity, it is still important.

“The use of cash for payments is declining in importance … but it’s still a very significant payment instrument, and we’re still seeing relatively strong growth in the demand for banknotes,” he told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“The main focus of the upgrade to our banknotes here is to improve the security of the banknotes to ensure that they can remain protected from counterfeiting on a large scale.

“Most of the changes that we’ll see on the new $20 note when it comes out next week are focused on the improvements in the security.”

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Images: RBA