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New CFA boss Frances Diver defends endorsement of EBA

New CFA boss Frances Diver has admitted the controversial deal with paid firefighters is ‘not perfect’, but is standing by the decision to endorse the EBA.

The board of the CFA has approved the enterprise agreement, but volunteers are challenging its legality in the Supreme Court.

One of the main criticism of the deal is that it gives the union control of the organisation.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Ms Diver admitted the union will have more say.

”I think it’s pretty tricky for us’ – she said.

‘There are a lot of clauses in the enterprise agreement that require us to consult with and agree with the union’ – Ms Diver told 3AW Mornings. 

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Ms Diver conceded the drawn-out battle over the deal has ‘affected morale’ in the CFA, but insisted the organisation is ready for the upcoming fire season.

The government has said the deal will cost taxpayers 160 million dollars, but Ms Diver says the total cost is still being worked through.

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