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New clean energy targets could see power prices cut by 2030

A potential new clean energy target has been set for Australia.

Alan Finkel, the Government’s Chief Scientist has handed down a review of Australia’s electricity market.

Some observations made were:

  • If we shut coal-fired power stations, we should give three years notice (unlike what happened with Hazelwood).
  • If we reduce our emissions by 28% in the next 13 years, we could see a cut in power prices.
  • There could be hundreds of blue collar jobs created.

Amanda McKenzie,  CEO of  the Climate Council says the Paris agreement already obligates countries to reduce emissions.

“Most countries would say the electricity sector has to do far more,” Ms. McKenzie told Tom Elliott.

She says we can have more power coming from renewable energy rather than coal by 2030.

“That modelling has been done by a whole range of different agencies.”

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