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New Corrections Commissioner Emma Cassar’s ‘rewarding’ task ahead

Victoria’s new Corrections Commissioner Emma Cassar says despite the challenges of the task, she considers her job the best in the world.

In a lengthy interview with Neil Mitchell, Commissioner Cassar revealed she started her career as a forensic psychologist before moving on to run a number of Victoria’s prisons.

Questioned whether it’s an intimidating or frustrating task dealing with the worst offenders in the state, Commissioner Cassar said the greater the challenge, the harder they work.

Commissioner: “I love it.”

Neil: “Why?”

Commissioner: “There is no better job, Neil. The challenge is enormous. The work is really rewarding.”

Commissioner Cassar said she sees one of the biggest opportunities is knowing the prisoners.

“The one thing we are very proud of is we have a mandate for rehabilitation,” she said.

“There are systems in the world that are just about lock them up and throw away the key.

“Do we want people coming out of the system angry, more aggressive – does the community want that? I suspect not.”

She also spoke to Neil about:

  • Jails being at capacity
  • Managing the worst offenders in the state
  • The current state of Victoria’s prison system

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