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New facial recognition technology potentially dangerous in wrong hands

A leading US legal mind has joined a chorus of experts who say new Australian-developed facial recognition technology is risky in the wrong hands.

Developed by Melbourne born tech-head and onetime model Hoan Ton-That, Clearview AI, is a facial recognition app that allows the user to snap a picture of a person, upload it and get access to public photos of that person as well as links to where those photos originated.

Speaking to Ross & John, Professor Eric Goldman from Santa Clara University School of Law raised criminal implications and benefits of the new app but admitted to not exactly being sure how sure “how Clearview works”.

Currently being used by US law enforcement agencies, Goldman says it’s unclear if Clearview AI triggers any current laws policing bio metric information.

“Clearview, fits into a very weird spot where laws may touch on, but that don’t regulate their behaviour,” he said.

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