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New Footy Show host Rebecca Maddern joins Neil Mitchell in studio

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The new host of The Footy Show is the first to admit the program has often gone too far.

But Rebecca Maddern has hit back at suggestions the show is ‘sexist’ and says she hasn’t been put on the panel to ‘control’ the often controversial Sam Newman.

Maddern has been unveiled as Garry Lyon’s replacement on the show while the Melbourne great deals with mental issues.

She joined Neil Mitchell in studio on Wednesday, where she was asked what she thought of the infamous incident in which Newman mocked a mannequin of leading female footy writer Caroline Wilson.

‘I think they overstepped the mark,’ Maddern conceded on 3AW Mornings.

‘But I think they’ve acknowledged that.

‘I can understand that if it happened to me, I might be in tears for days as well.

‘It was unfair.

‘That’s not the only incident in the past where they’ve overstepped the mark.

‘I can’t promise they won’t again, but we’ll deal with that situation when it happens.’

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Maddern, who has left the Seven Network to take on the role, said she wasn’t there to rock the boat and simply wanted to add to an already winning formula.

‘I think it’s a minority view that The Footy Show is 100 per cent sexist, all the time,’ she said.

‘I don’t believe that’s true.’

She also rejected suggestions it’d be her job to keep Newman in line.

‘I’m not his mother,’ Maddern said.

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