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New Great Ocean Road authority ‘really worrying’, could lead to developments in national parks

Buried away in the recent Victorian state budget was $1.6 million to set up a statutory authority for the Great Ocean Road.

The Victorian National Parks Association is concerned by the forthcoming government body.

“We’re very worried that there is some other agenda,” Victoria National Parks Association spokesman Phil Ingamells told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

The $1.6 million in the state budget will set up the authority, but will not pay for running costs.

“They plan to run it by raising revenue from public land leases and licences,” Mr Ingamells said.

“That’s a really worrying thing because that means if they don’t have enough money they’re going to have to grant another license or lease to put in a development in a national park.

“There’s an agenda there.

“The oldest threat for national parks all over the world is where people try to fund them through putting infrastructure in,” Mr Ingamells said.

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