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New model could cut quarantine period for travellers

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A new report has suggested cutting the standard 14-day mandatory quarantine period shorter for travellers arriving from lower-risk countries.

The model is known as the TRAQ (Transparent Risk Assessment of Quarantine) model and was independently developed by the Burnet Institute with funding from the Minderoo Foundation.

COVID-19 Response lead at Minderoo Foundation, Dr.Steve Burnell, told Tom Elliott that Australia now knows more about the virus and can manage the risk.

“14 days was a catch all and has served us well but it’s a very blunt instrument,” he said.

“With eight or nine months under our belt, a whole lot of data and experience from around the world, we know we can do a more science driven job.

“We know a lot more about the virus’s incubation.”

Dr Burnell said it was a model that Australia could use and countries wanting to be apart of it needed to publish their coronavirus data.

“The model gives you real evidence to adjust quarantine periods both domestically and for international arrivals,” he told Tom Elliott.

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