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New Monash Uni ad: Does it encourage students to become protesters?

Monash University has released a new ‘Change It’ ad campaign aimed at turning people who might be willing to comment on an issue online, into someone who is prepared to make actual change in the community.

But Tom Elliott questioned whether it actively encourages students to become protesters.

Fabian Marone, Chief Marketing Officer at Monash University, told Tom the ad is about “coming up with alternatives rather than complaining behind a keyboard”.

“The ad’s the topline is ‘if you don’t like it, change it’ and really this is an invitation or a call to action, there are a lot of people who are happy to like or share their opinion on social media but they’re not necessarily prepared to go about making the steps for positive change.

“It’s not about protests it’s about creating avenues for change.”

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Tom Elliott said he did ‘find it odd’ but admitted it has at least generated discussion.

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