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New mortgage broker commercial warns of “less competition” and “higher interest rates”

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The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia has released a new commercial campaign.

In a “grim-reaper” style, it says new laws in the wake of the royal commission could lead to higher interest rates.

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“It’s reminiscent of what the mining industry did when it encountered Wayne Swann’s resources super profits tax almost a decade ago,” Tom Elliott said.

“And the mining industry was very successful in watering down that tax and it really no longer exists.”

Mike Felton, chief executive of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, told Tom Elliott they released the ad as a warning for customers.

“To warn consumers of the impact of these possible changes, which would severely challenge the viability of mortgage broking, reducing customer access to a lot of smaller lenders and damage competition,” Mike said.

“Which can’t be good for consumers.

“I think it’s a compelling message.”

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“This is going to make life worse for people trying to get a mortgage and I just cannot see how that’s a good thing,” Tom said.

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