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New mother says she was kicked out of Book of Mormon for bringing her baby along

LATEST: The manager of the Princess Theatre has categorically denied booting a mother and her three-month-old baby out of The Book Of Mormon.

?Beth Caple told 3AW Mornings she attended a production of the popular show on Thursday with her baby, George, in a pram.

Initially, venue staff were hospitable, exchanging Beth’s seat from the top tier to the ground floor so she didn’t have to take the pram up and down all the stairs.

But she claims she was then asked to leave.

‘When I left, I was very, very upset,’ Ms Caple told Tony Jones.

‘I’m a mother. I should be able to feel like I can attend these things just as much as anyone else.’

But Glen McGuinness, General Manager of the Marriner Group, said she was never asked to leave.

‘She was not asked to leave at any stage,’ he said.

Mr McGuinness said the show was ‘famous for its irreverence’ and there were several loud noises throughout the production.

‘We were concerned for the welfare of the infant,’ he said.

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