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New plumbing regulations ‘threatens lives and jobs’, Fire Protection Association of Australia claims

New plumbing regulations will “threaten lives and jobs” according to the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

The regulations relate to the service of fire hose reels, hydrants and sprinkles at apartment complexes and public buildings within Victoria.

As it stands, CFA members and fire protection industry workers can carry out those inspections.

But as of November 18, only licensed plumbers will be allowed to do the work..

It threatens jobs, it threatens lives. The economic downstream impacts are significant – Scott Williams

The CEO of the Fire Protection Association of Australia, Scott Williams, said the issue lies with the capacity of the plumbing industry to undertake the work.

“We have new plumbing regulations coming in on 18 November, and we’ve got a situation where now only a registered plumber can do a certain degree of work,” he said.

“There’s not enough plumbers to do the work.

“Literally this will put thousands and thousands of people out of work.”

He said the concern was the work wouldn’t get done and people will be put at risk.

“There are thousands and thousands of people who do this work. There are 1500 people alone in the CFA who undertake this activity, who do this as a form of fundraising for their CFA station or community,” he said.

“These people can no longer do this work, therefore, a plumber has to do it.”

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