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New police powers to search terror suspects at random without a warrant

A number of suspects on Victoria’s terror watch list have been hit with firearm prohibition orders, meaning police can search them at any time, without a warrant.

As reported in The Age, up to 10 terror suspects have been slapped with orders already.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told Ross and John police are targeting terror suspects, Middle Eastern organised crime gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs and youth offenders.

“We’re crossing the full gamut of people who pose a risk to the community,” Deputy Commissioner Patton said.

“We’ve served 53 orders on people since the 9th of May.

“Served a couple on people who are in prison who weren’t happy.”

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“The beauty of this, is for a child, it’s five years for them, for an adult it’s 10 years, and for the period of that order they can be subject to compliance searches by us, randomly in their house, their car, in the street, to make sure they aren’t acquiring, possessing or using a gun,” he said.”

If they are found to be in breach of the order, suspects face 10 years in prison.