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New research: Australia, we need to talk about UberEats and co

The Cancer Council is urging Australians to rethink food delivery after discovering the extent of our reliance on companies like UberEats and Deliveroo.

A survey of 2000 adults showed that we are ordering meals so full of kilojoules they contain an entire day’s energy intake in a single sitting.

Alison McAleese, Manager for the Cancer Council’s Live Lighter campaign, told Ross and John the data showed that not only are we ordering often, we are also often lots of food when we do.

“One in 10 are ordering at least once a week, and most are up-sizing their meals and ordering too much,” she said.

“Half ordered a soft drink with the meal as well.”

“We’ve banned UberEats from our house.”
“People order UberEats because it tastes good, and what usually makes food taste good is fats, sugar and salts.”
-Ross Stevenson

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