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New study reveals marrying later in life creates a stronger relationship

A new study reveals that people are marrying later in life and are creating stronger relationships by doing so.

University of Melbourne sociologist Belinda Hewitt tells 3AW’s Tony Jones those with more experience in adulthood are better off. 

‘In the 1970s, If you weren’t married by the age of 25, you were considered to be a spinster.’ 

Ms Hewitt says, ‘Mainly a change in women’s roles in society, they no longer need to get married to have financial stability, they no longer need to get married to have children.’

‘It opens up options, you (women) no longer need to be married to be able to get through life any longer,’ she tells 3AW Mornings. 

The first working Monday of the New Year is known as ‘Divorce Monday’, lawyers find more couples seek separation advice more than ever on this day.

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