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New swim program throws kids in the deep end

A radical new water safety school in Melbourne’s southeast is throwing children as young as six months in the deep end in a bold bid to prevent childhood drownings.

Anastasia Monakhov, who is an instructor at Kids Aquatic Survival School in Dingley, told Ross and John that the program teaches kids to survive in the water by rolling onto their backs and floating until help arrives.

Children are fully clothed in the water during lessons and must graduate wearing full winter clothing including shoes, but don’t expect them to be comforted after they’re thrown in the deep end.

‘We don’t speak to the children, regardless of what age they are.’ Ms Monakhov said. ‘I do everything by touch.’

Caller Julie rang Ross and John to say that her son was taught in a similar way and was once thrown in the pool fully clothed.

When asked if he was still a keen swimmer, Julie didn’t mince her words.


Listen in full as Ross and John speak to Anastasia Monakhov from the controversial swimming program.