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New top traffic cop flags more 40km/h zones and crackdown on elderly drivers

Macquarie National News

The state’s new top traffic cop wants to roll out more 40km/h zones and also wants doctors to dob in elderly drivers.

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell’s wide-ranging interview with Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane this morning

A week into his new role, Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane has outlined his plans to bring down the state’s road toll.

Mr Leane has called on doctors to dob in their elderly patients who are no longer fit to drive.

He wants:

  • More 40km/h zones in Melbourne
  • Lowered speed limits in country areas
  • More speed cameras
  • A 50 per cent increase in roadside drug tests

New tests could also be introduced to target drowsy drivers soon, along with high-tech long lens cameras to catch distracted drivers.

But Assistant Commissioner Leane says his crackdown won’t end there, promising a root and branch review.

He wouldn’t rule out any measures, including lowering the drink-driving limit from .05 to zero.

Macquarie National News