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Newly-formed Aussie Battlers Party pledging to address “insecurity” in communities

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The newly-formed Aussie Battlers Party is campaigning on a major Victorian issue – crime.

The minor party, which was registered in time to take part in the state election, will nominate 16 candidates for election in the upper house.

Walter Mikac is spearheading the new party and told Neil Mitchell it was important to offer people an alternative to the major parties.

“There’s a real sense of insecurity in the community,” he said.

“If we’re able to make a difference, (crime) is a big area.”

Mr Mikac’s running mate Stuart O Neill also joined Neil in the studio and said they wanted to appeal to both sides of politics.

“Our plan is we want to be in the middle,” he said.

“We don’t want to lean too far to the left or right. We’ve been listening to what people are saying and we feel we’ve got common sense.

“We need to bring some accountability back to dealing with crime. Too often you hear a person’s been out on bail four times and they’ve committed a string of crimes and somehow they’re back on the street.

“At some point you need to say enough’s enough and those people aren’t safe for society.”

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