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Nia Vardalos chats with Denis

Denis Walter sat down with star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Nia Vardalos, who is in town for the premiere of the hit movie’s sequel. 

The original film was released in 2002 and remains Australia’s highest grossing romantic comedy of all time. 

Vardalos plays the loveable Toula, starring opposite John Corbett. Both films follow their lives alongside her enormous, chaotic but good-hearted family. 

Nia, who is an Academy Award nominee, told Denis that at the start of her career she was told she wasn’t pretty enough to be a leading lady, prompting her to write a movie script based on her own family that embraces her ethnicity and physicality.

‘I wasn’t pretty enough to be a leading lady,’ ‘So I wrote My Big Fat Greek Wedding in an effort to get a part!’

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 hits cinemas on March 24. Scroll down to watch the official trailer.


Listen in full as Denis Walter speaks with Hollywood star Nia Vardalos.


Click play to watch the official trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2