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NICE GUY NO MORE: Interview with actor Stephen Curry


NICE GUY NO MORE: Stephen Curry explains why playing the role of a serial killer in the Australian thriller Hounds of Love was important to him

Think of Stephen Curry and you think The Castle. You also think of the funny guy from The Nugget, Takeaway, Save Your Legs, The Wog Boy and those chip commercials.

In 2007 Curry took a turn, showing his dramatic clout by playing TV legend Graham Kennedy in The King, an impressive performance he matched in 2011 with the mini-series Cloudstreet, and then in 2012 with Redfern Now.

In Ben Young’s extraordinary thriller Hounds of Love, Curry takes his biggest and riskiest step as a dramatic actor. He plays Michael White, a manipulative serial killer who, with his weak-willed partner Evelyn (Emma Booth), lures the latest in a string of teenage girls (Ashleigh Cummings, in a remarkable performance) into their suburban home.

Reminicent in style and tone of Snowtown, the film pushes Curry’s acting into dark places it’s never been, yet where he sorely wanted to go.

The film has proved a huge hit on the international festival circuit – including Venice where it earned a best actress award for Cummings – and has been acclaimed by critics.

Here Curry discusses the film, the twisted psychology of the two killers and his motivations for making it.

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