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‘He should be thrown off the tennis circuit’: Neil Mitchell says Nick Kyrgios has gone too far

Nick Kyrgios has been fined $167,000 and faces a possible suspension after an outburst at the Cincinnati Masters.

The 24-year-old verbally abused Irish umpire Fergus Murphy and appeared to spit at him.

He also smashed two racquets and a bottle, yelled obscenities and threw a towel over a camera, during his loss to Karen Khachanov.

Neil Mitchell says it’s time Kyrgios faced the consequences for his actions.

“He’s had too many chances,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Nick Kyrgios must never play for Australia again.

“He should be thrown off the tennis circuit until he’s too old to pick up a racquet.

“He’s a fool. He’s wasting his talent and our goodwill.

“He has metaphorically spat in our faces, now he has almost literally done that, spitting in the direction of an umpire.

“A line has been crossed. There is nothing lower.

“He’s embarrassing the country.”

Former professional tennis umpire and former executive vice president of the Association of Tennis Professionals, Richard Ings, says Kyrgios’ behaviour is unacceptable.

“He hasn’t just crossed the line, he’s spent his entire career on the wrong side of the line,” he said.

Mr Ings said Kyrgios could be suspended for up to two years for his conduct.

“If they did suspend him I think it would be entirely warranted,” he said.

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