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Nick Stevens jail sentence not enough, says Neil Mitchell on 3AW

The three-month jail sentence handed to former AFL star Nick Stevens for bashing his ex-partner isn’t enough, says Neil Mitchell.

The 3AW Mornings host said the ‘book’ should have been thrown at Stevens, who pleaded guilty to two counts of intentionally causing serious injury.

He had initially been sentenced to eight months behind bars but had that reduced to three, with another three months suspended.

In sentencing, Judge Damian Murphy said Stevens had shown little remorse and no victim empathy after the attacks.

Neil Mitchell said he should be spending longer in jail.

‘This is a bloke who repeatedly smashed his girlfriend’s head into a wall, telling her he was going to kill her,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘A big, fit, strong AFL footballer bashing up a woman.

‘I know the courts work this way, I know they want to save time and money and get some quick justice ? that’s why deals like this are done.

‘But surely there’s also a responsibility to send a message to the public, with all the attention on domestic violence (and such) a high profile case.

‘The message should have been ? ‘we take this very, very, seriously ? here’s the book’ ? we’re going to throw it at you.

‘Stevens should have got more, not less.’

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