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WATCH: Nine reporter ambushed live on-air covering London protest

Nine News reporter Ben Avery has described to Ross and John the moment he was ambushed live on-air by protesters in London.

“They were billed as peaceful protests,” Avery told Ross and John.

“And it was as much until a group of about 100 ruined it for everyone else.

“I thought they’d be pleased we were covering their event … (but) there was actually a fair bit of agro towards us and people said ‘If you’re not joining in on this protest then you should F off’.”

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It’s the latest in a string of attacks on Australian journalists overseas this week.

Avery’s colleague Sophie Walsh was grabbed by a man who made stabbing motions at her as he uttered Allahu Akbar.

The man has been arrested on threats to kill and carrying a weapon.

On Tuesday, a cameraman was hit by US police while capturing the moment officers aggressively cleared the path of protesters so the president, Donald Trump, could perform his staged walk from the White House to a nearby church.