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No arrests: Police chief defends Werribee riot response

A police chief has defended the way officers handled yesterday’s Werribee riot.

Up to 40 youths, many of whom threw rocks at police, were dispersed at the Airbnb party that exploded into violent scenes, yet still no one has been arrested.

Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton told 3AW’s Tony Jones has defended the decision to not make arrests on the night.

“They’ve got CCTV footage, we’ve got some names,” he said.

“And inevitably when you arrest people like this, the cowards involved in this, they give up each other, so we’re very confident that we’ll be making arrests.”

Tony Jones: These people are potentially facing 10 years jail.

Tony Jones: I hear that, but I also know people are saying ‘But they won’t get 10 years jail’. Is that frustrating for you?

Mr Patton: It’s not for us to determine what the courts do.

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