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No hidden nasties: why natural isn’t best when it comes to toothpaste

A prominent leader in the dentistry industry says using all natural products is good in theory, but not when it’s defunct of fluoride.

CEO of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Matthew Hopcraft, told 3AW Drive there is clear evidence that fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Dr Hopcraft responded to the claims from the General Manager of Grants of Australia, who, on 3AW’s Let’s Talk Business said “fluoride, sulfate, preservatives or parabens” were all nasties.

“There’s a number of brands marketing toothpastes as ‘chemical free’ as if somehow that makes it good for us,” said Dr Hopcraft

“There is no evidence to support it.

“People now will get through their whole life keeping their teeth – a lot of that is to do with fluoride.”

“We often see that the same people who are concerned about traditional medicine and vaccinations are the ones that argue against fluoride.

“Fluoride works, it helps prevent tooth decay and it’s not detrimental to our health.”

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